Christina Vang + Teeko Yang + Oskar Ly


chroma zone muralist

ArtCrop is a collective of Hmong artists whose work explores and reconnects to their cultural roots. Located in the Creative Enterprise Zone, ArtCrop is pleased to join the roster of artists featured in Chroma Zone. ArtCrop has created murals from downtown Saint Paul to rural farm landscapes leaving evidence to spark the next generation’s own love stories of culture and identity. Their work pushes Hmong aesthetics and cultural innovation influenced by their people across a global diaspora. The ArtCrop artists include Christina Vang, Oskar Ly and Teeko Yang.  Christina Vang is a multi-faceted designer and artist whose work focuses on community narratives. Through her work she captures the vibrancy, curiosity, and energy of cultural communities. Oskar Ly is a queer Hmong French American artist. Her work focuses on creating new possibilities that reclaim identity through fashion art along with organizing community productions that uplift cultural preservation/re-appropriation. Teeko Yang is a project manager by day and a creative by night. She is a purpose-driven photographer interested in capturing the truth of her subjects.