Claudia Valentino + Daniela Biamchini


Chroma zone muralist

Claudia Valentino (Clau) came from Argentina to Minneapolis in 2009 and started working with Greta McLain in 2011. In Argentina, she spent three years studying expression. corporal, a contemporary dance technique that expresses emotions through body movements, at the National University Institute of Art (IUNA) in Buenos Aires, and documentary photography at the Association of Argentine Graphic Reporters (ARGRA). She learned the craft of painting and mosaics with Greta and started working as a project leader in 2014 at Goodsapece murals company. There she learned many techniques focused more than anything on over and under painting. She also found the beautiful challenge of working with the community and that is one of the things she likes most about her profession. She developed as a muralist for 7-8 years together with several community projects.