Mariela Ajras

INSTAGRAM  @marie_ajras

INSTAGRAM @marie_ajras


Chroma Zone Muralist

Mariela Ajras (Buenos Aires, 1984) is an internationally-acclaimed muralist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work mainly focuses on the images of women and questions of femininity and collective memory. A psychologist as well as an artist, this background greatly influences her work in terms of subject matter and also in the teaching of community-oriented workshop that uses muralism as a social tool. She is a founding member of AMMURA (Association of Female Muralists of Argentina), a platform that showcases female muralists work and calls out gender inequality in the public art scene in Argentina. Her work can be found in different cities such as Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, Lynn, MA, Salem, MA. Barcelona, Valencia, Tarragona, Salamanca in Spain. Mexico City, Guadalajara, Morelia, Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Napoli in Italy, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Louvain in Belgium among others.