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For over 40 years, Forecast Public Art has fostered dynamic, inclusive and resilient communities through public art, community-engaged design and transformative placemaking. Forecast strives to improve our collective life through a unique combination of responsive consulting services, support for public artists, and abundant resources on current issues and trends. Forecast is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in the CEZ community. Visit their website: ForecastPublicArt.org.


Burlesque of North America is an award-winning creative studio based in Northeast Minneapolis, MN. Formed in 2003, Burlesque focuses largely on graphic arts, high end screenprinting, and organizing art and music events. They have completed numerous projects for a wide range of clients including Minnesota Public Radio, Target, Nike Sportswear, Red Bull, Arcade Fire, Grand Catch, Rhymesayers, and Blackstack Brewing. Since the 1990s, Burlesque principals Wes Winship and Mike Davis have been working closely with the street art community, from self-publishing a graffiti magazine to creating high end screenprinted art prints and gallery exhibits with internationally-acclaimed artists. Recently, Burlesque teamed up with fellow artist and creative partner Nick Mamayek to paint a series of large scale murals along the garage doors of the CEZ-based building which currently houses Can Can Wonderland and Blackstack Brewing. Visit their website: burlesquedesign.com.

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